Aca ね 顔。 ずっと真夜中でいいのに。メンバーACAねの素顔や年齢は?路上ライブやYouTubeで注目の歌声を紹介!

This may feel weird to some of us at first because we are learning to relate to people differently than we're used to, but as with the rest of the ACA program, daily practice helps us become more comfortable with the idea. Did you hear the one about two adult children who walk into a meeting…? While we maintain a certain structure in our meetings, we can also experience fellowship before or after the meetings and share good times. This does not mean playing solitary games on our computers, tablets, or game consoles. On this day I will practice playing and will enjoy having fun with others in a wholesome and positive way. Where we once filled every waking moment with activity as a way to keep ourselves occupied, we can learn to become more of a human being than a human doing. We become less concerned with saying the right thing and more concerned with just being in the moment. We can now have fun because we are finally free from the fear of showing our True Self. A way that many of us learn to become more lighthearted is by finding real enjoyment in the company of other ACAs. Laughter starts to flow more naturally as we begin to let our guard down.。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。
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